Capture Management

1Capture management is the key to raising win probability during the critical time between deciding to pursue a government procurement and proposal submission—and beyond. Lohfeld Consulting Group will help you develop your capture plan, coach your team in executing capture initiatives, and raise your competitiveness through a well-defined process.

download-more-info-13246271We use these 10 steps to plan and execute effective capture campaigns:

  1. Develop the Capture Plan and budget
  2. Resource the capture team
  3. Understand customer requirements and objectives
  4. Develop a preliminary solution tied to customer objectives
  5. Position the solution and shape the government procurement
  6. Conduct an actionable competitive assessment
  7. Develop the win strategy
  8. Build and implement the teaming strategy
  9. Set the Price to Win
  10. Conduct performance risk assessment

Our capture experts assist your management team by providing the following services nationwide:

Capture Management

Do you need an experienced manager to plan and lead your next capture? Let us take the lead for you and apply our winning process to your capture. We work under the direction of a member of your executive team to help your company develop your capture plan, and then we coach your team in executing these capture initiatives, continually striving to raise your company’s competitiveness through a well-defined capture process.

We can reduce your costs by finding and leveraging efficiencies during strategic pursuits. Together, we can prepare your company to write proposals that are customer-focused, compliant, and persuasive—and result in long-term business development success.

We begin the capture management process the moment your firm decides to bid a procurement. Our capture experts assist your management team in developing and executing capture plans that focus on:

  • Forming a winning capture team that includes your capture manager, business executives involved with the client agency, operational management, subject matter experts, candidate program manager, proposal manager, and our expert consultants
  • Understanding customer requirements and objectives prior to RFP release
  • Developing your winning solution and positioning it with the customer to gain buy-in and build advocacy for your company
  • Conducting independent competitive assessments to identify competitors and their strengths, weaknesses, past performance, and relevant experience
  • Developing compelling win strategies that differentiate your offer from other competitors and provide justification for selecting your company
  • Establishing teaming strategies that strengthen your technical and management solution, reinforce past performance credentials, and fulfill small and small disadvantaged business subcontracting requirements
  • Establishing price-to-win (PTW) strategies and target pricing for the bid and team members
  • Determining performance risk and risk-mitigation strategies from your company’s and the customer’s points of view

Capture Assessment

Do you have a must win deal and want to make sure your company is running the capture effectively, efficiently, and correctly? We assess your capture plan and execution and compare it to our best-practices model in order to identify areas where immediate action can substantially improve your probability of win.

We help our clients improve their overall capture management performance by:

  • Assessing capture activities to identify successes and areas for improvement
  • Producing capture scorecards with specific recommendations for improvement
  • Working key assessment findings with your capture team, including strategy development, teaming, and solution development

Capture Coaching and Support

We can supply an experienced, knowledgeable capture consultant to augment your team, provide an expert’s view of the capture, and assess your positioning.

Let us build your capture plan and raise your level of competitiveness. If you have more deals than your capture managers can handle effectively, we can build your capture plans and manage their execution. If the deal is too important to lose, make sure you have the best!

We can coach your capture managers and help you grow capture management expertise organically. Sometimes, inexperienced managers are tasked to lead captures without capture experience, training, or coaching. We provide capture consultants to coach your managers through capture planning and execution. Don’t put your new business at risk—let us shape your capture team into experienced professionals.

Strategy Workshops

We help our clients improve their specific pursuit capture management performance by facilitating deal-specific Strategy Workshops. We use our focused and facilitated Strategy Workshops to gather team knowledge of customer decision process and external influences, perform initial assessments of the competitive environment and potential teammates, and develop your win strategy.

Our customer-focused approach—based on your customer’s issues, requirements, and evaluation criteria—allows your team to define the win strategy, features and benefits, and themes for your offering.

Members of your team are selected to participate in the workshop based on their knowledge of the customer, competition, products, and technology and on their ability to assess the capture plan critically. Products from our strategy workshops can be tested against probable competitor approaches.

Our capture managers know how to build win strategies that raise the level of your competitiveness in the government market. Let us join with your management team and leverage our Strategy Workshop expertise to put your team on the winning path.

Price-to-Win (PTW) and Cost Strategy

Our pricing/cost experts work with you to ensure your price is responsive, competitive, and profitable. Developing your cost strategy and bid price is an iterative process that involves research and extensive knowledge of the customer’s budgeting and evaluation processes—along with their risk and best-value evaluation strategies. Our pricing/cost experts and capture managers know how to build pricing strategies that increase win rate, program profitability, customer/program delivery, and long-term strategic success.

We support your capture with a PTW analysis—a detailed, results-based assessment of the price your competition on a particular opportunity is most likely to bid. We provide the opportunity-specific analyses and target selection, and we work with you to determine your price to bid. We also provide PTW process training, coaching, and analyst support.

Competitive Assessment (CA)

We provide Competitive Assessments (CA) to support capture teams, marketing, and business development organizations. We use primary and secondary research to build our fact-filled competitive assessments that provide a sound basis for clients to assess where they stand realistically in the competition (probability of win) and to build an effective win strategy. We identify the teams formed and any companies who want to team, but are not yet committed. We identify relevant legacy contracts for each bidding team, their rationale for bidding and forming a team, and the SWOTs as we see them for each team bidding your opportunity. This research and analysis will form the foundation for preparing for a Black Hat session. We also provide our clients with:

  • Competitor assessment and ranking
  • Teams and teaming partners’ identification
  • Analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT)
  • Win theme strategy development
  • Street talk about the procurement and competitors
  • Support for price-to-win (PTW) team.

Capture Training

Capture Management is the process used by government contractors to pursue new business from opportunity identification and qualification through contract award. We train your capture team in all aspects of effective capture management in order to raise your win probability and reduce proposal-development costs. Click here to review the course outline.

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