Capture & Proposal Process Optimization

Our proven capture & proposal process support can help raise your win probability, increase new business revenue, and decrease cost of new business acquisition. Employing the right capture & proposal process can increase your win probability, grow your business revenue, and decrease your cost of new business acquisition. We can help you achieve this with our proven capture & proposal process support, integrating our Strength-Based Winning methodology, based on in-depth corporate and customer research and analysis.

In the most effective companies, processes are designed and optimized for the markets they target. download-more-info-13246271These processes consider the company’s management structure, work culture, customers, and market competitiveness. They are fully integrated from new business opportunity identification to contract award.

Whether your company is poised for growth, considering an acquisition, or needs to boost win rates, we can help. Our experts will assess your company’s business development and proposal processes, codify strengths, identify gaps, and build an actionable roadmap for optimization.

To optimize your processes, we will:

  • Gather and review existing documentation related to proposal operations organization and staffing, processes, tools, and technologies, including representative proposals.
  • Interview proposal operations staff and conduct focus groups with stakeholders regarding the as-is environment and related strengths and weaknesses.
  • Develop recommendations for improvement of people, processes, training, and technologies.

We can design your new processes and procedures and implement them using your company’s existing tools or help recommend the best combination of industry-accepted techniques—leveraging your strengths to improve your win rates!

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