Insights series

Insights, Volume 3

Lohfeld Consulting Group l Capture & Proposal Insights & Tips

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Take a deep dive with multiple Lohfeld experts, including founder Bob Lohfeld. We share more of our tested proposal development and capture management-related tips, hints, and tricks—along with thoughts on best practices in proposal development.

This volume helps you get inside the customer’s mind so you can answer the questions that are most important to them, and addresses a host of other topics. You’ll find actionable guides on proposal production, proposal quality, productivity optimization, team management, and more.


What’s in this book:


  • Capture and proposal innovations: activate your listening campaign

Proposal Production

  • Avoid the Red Team II Monster by implementing efficiencies
  • An agile retrospective
  • Learning about brain syncing with SMEs from Instructional Design

Writing to Win

  • Improving the quality of proposal content with a writing model – Part 1
  • Improving the quality of proposal content with the APB writing model – Part 2
  • Improving the quality of proposal content with the APB Writing Model – Part 3
  • Editing to reduce the length of your proposals

Team Management

  • Facing up to face time
  • Three lessons learned from a college homecoming weekend
  • The single biggest communication problem – and how to fix it
  • 5 ways to give thanks (without saying it)
  • Using confidence to lead
  • Make fun a priority
  • Lessons learned from the circus: building community for better teamwork
  • Lessons learned from the circus: how to handle mistakes

Being Productive

  • Capture and proposal innovations: time management
  • 5 strategies to get your team performing…and winning
  • 3 meeting management best practices
  • Bad processes or bad habits?

The Proposal Doctor

  • Creating balance between “required” and “desired”?
  • How to bring proposal solutioning to closure?
  • Eliminate daily standup meetings?
  • Best way to get new proposal managers up to speed
  • Focusing on proposal priorities, not on fires?
  • Pounded by pricing?
  • Stepping on toes?
  • How to write technical volumes more efficiently?
  • Stop the madness?
  • Stick to your knitting?
  • Waiting by the phone?
  • The big chance?
  • Two hats?
  • How to build professional skills in proposal management?
  • Capture manager creates chaos in post-RFP collaboration?
  • Creating an optimal path for a losing proposal?

Professional Improvement

  • Six lessons learned from an industry conference
  • 5 rules of worrying
  • The benefits of understanding dissenting perspectives
  • Give your brain space to work
  • Proposal yoga
  • Dealing with employment dissatisfaction: change what’s in your control
  • Calming your monkey mind
  • In search of new cheese – avoid stagnation
  • Capture and proposal innovations: heed the law of physics
  • From the experts: favorite business books to start the year
  • Suggestions from readers – more favorite business books

Q&A with Lohfeld Experts

  • Q&A from 7 secrets from inside government source evaluations and how you can use them to create winning proposals
  • Q&A from The end of the incumbent empire – 10 ways to unseat the incumbent

Available on in paperback and Kindle