Insights series

Insights, Volume 1

Lohfeld Consulting Group l Capture & Proposal Insights & Tips

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Our experts share their proposal development and capture management-related tips, hints, and tricks—along with thoughts on best practices in proposal development.

This first volume includes discussion on a broad range of topics, including kick-off meetings, risk mitigation, compliance matrices, writing plans, boilerplate, resumes, LPTA, and much more.


What’s in this book:

  • The Lohfeld Team’s favorite business, proposal, and design books
  • 4 Major elements of qualified business opportunities
  • Top 5 reasons to gather info about business opportunities—and what to gather
  • Top 10 reasons to vote your color team reviewers off the island
  • Back to basics—spring cleaning
  • 7 Reasons to meet the client before RFP release
  • 6 Early-stage proposal products to identify and develop
  • 10 Ways to mitigate proposal solution development risks
  • 12 Required kick-off meeting elements
  • 10 Topics to include in your kick-off meeting agenda
  • Insights on low price, technically acceptable (LPTA) procurements
  • 10 Ways to mitigate pursuit phase risks
  • 4 Variables to consider while preparing orals presentations
  • 10 Ways to mitigate competitive analysis risks
  • 9 Key factors for winning proposals
  • 12 Ways to mitigate proposal kick-off planning risks
  • 7 Reasons to develop a compliance matrix
  • 8 Ways to mitigate proposal post-production and lessons-learned risks
  • 2-Step process for finalizing your proposal solution
  • 10 Ways to mitigate proposal production and delivery review risks
  • Proposal graphics must appeal to 3 types of client evaluations
  • 7 Ways to mitigate proposal business case review risks
  • 6 Rules for proposal graphics
  • 11 Ways to mitigate final proposal document review risks
  • 5 Essential elements for proposal writing plans
  • 12 Ways to mitigate proposal strategy review risks
  • 8 Required elements of a solid proposal production plan
  • 4 Reasons to create a master document for every proposal volume
  • 38 must-have templates and boilerplate repository artifacts
  • 12 important tips for developing proposal schedules
  • 13 must-have data elements for proposal resume templates
  • 30 Must-have data elements for proposal past performance templates
  • Don’t make these mistakes—12 vital proposal lessons
  • Don’t make these mistakes— 7 proposal staffing lessons learned
  • Capture proposal lessons learned—and then live them!
  • Don’t make these mistakes—12 past performance lessons learned
  • More top proposal books for proposal writers
  • 7 problems with proposal teams…and 5 strategies for high performance
  • Strategies and tactics to bring your team to a win

Available on in paperback and Kindle