Proposal Management for Federal Contractors – Essential Skills and Best Practices

lohfeld-course-download-iconProposal management covers the process government contractors use to create winning proposals for full-and-open competitions and task order contracts. Proposal management follows a structured process comprising a series of scalable actions and steps aimed at creating high-scoring proposals that result in winning bids.

In this seminar, we’ll explore Lohfeld Consulting Group’s 5-phase government business acquisition framework and see how capture management transitions knowledge to your proposal team and how your proposal team prepares for RFP release, builds a winning proposal, and then prepares for government questions and proposal revisions. The proposal management process covers the proposal management activities from pre-proposal submission through post-submission activities. We’ll share our industry best practices, tips, tricks, and tools for managing every aspect of your proposals.

Understanding this process is a must for government contractors. This seminar will teach you how successful government contractors consistently win the programs they pursue. You’ll learn how your company can apply this proposal management process, create better proposals, and apply proven techniques to raise your win probability.

What you will learn:

  • Work with your capture management team and understand how proposal management should integrate with capture to build high-scoring proposals. We’ll examine our government business acquisition framework and the components comprising the BD and capture management stages, focusing on opportunity identification and qualification, client interaction and the importance of client intimacy in understanding requirements and objectives, capture plan development, capture team organization, opportunity assessment reviews, positioning, competitive assessments, establishing price to win, and bid/no-bid decisions
  • Plan and conduct effective pre-RFP activities to get a jump start on proposal artifact development and focus proposal resources on pre-proposal preparation activities, including assigning proposal resources, developing a strawman RFP, preparing draft storyboards/annotated outlines, developing early-stage proposal products, finalizing your proposal development plan, planning your kickoff meeting, and conducting a pre-proposal gate review
  • Manage your proposal development process after RFP release, including finalizing and validating your proposal outline, design, and resources; conducting the kickoff meeting; finalizing your solution and storyboards/annotated outlines/writing plans; writing compliant, compelling, and responsive proposal drafts; conducting structured color team reviews with realistic schedules, inputs, and outputs; developing effective proposal graphics; and producing and quality checking your final proposal
  • Manage quick-response task order proposals as well as more traditional proposals for full-and-open competitions
  • Prepare for proposal submission, conduct your closure strategy, clean up and prepare files for post-submission use, get ready for debriefs, and conduct lessons-learned and continual improvement reviews

Plus—you’ll learn how to use proposal productivity tools—and we’ll give you our favorite templates and checklists to help you better plan and manage your proposals.

  • Capture Plan structure template
  • SharePoint Proposal Workbench Structure
  • SWOT Feature/Benefit/Supporting Example/Theme Template
  • Sample Storyboard
  • Resume Template
  • Past Performance Write-up Template
  • Proposal Management Plan Structure Template
  • Proposal Schedule Samples Template
  • Kickoff Meeting Planner

Who should attend?

This class is designed for business development, capture management, and proposal management professionals as well as for company executives and operational managers, including project managers and technical professionals who support new business acquisition activities and need to understand the interrelationships between the capture and proposal phases and the importance of using a structured, repeatable proposal management process. (Eligible for 10 APMP CEUs)

Seminar schedule:



8:30 Introductions
9:00 Lohfeld government business acquisition framework overview and the role of the proposal manager
9:30 Phase 1 – Opportunity identification and bid decision
10:00 Phase 2 – Capture management and proposal management coordination
10:45 Phase 3 – Pre-proposal preparation, including developing the proposal outline and design, obtaining resources, developing the solution, preparing annotated outlines, and preparing for the kickoff meeting
12:00 Working lunch
12:30 Phase 4 – Finalize the proposal design, outline, resources, solution, and annotated outlines; conduct kickoff meeting; prepare final proposal drafts and conduct color reviews; develop final graphics; and produce and quality check proposal
2:30 Phase 5 – Post-submission activities for proposal managers
4:00 Seminar concludes


Beth Wingate

Beth Wingatebeth_wingate_img_3315_lohfeld_website teaches our Proposal Management class. She has more than 25 years’ proposal development, management, and corporate communications experience. She helps clients design and develop proposals as well as structure and improve their proposal processes and operations. An excellent, experienced proposal manager, Beth specializes in managing responses to large government procurements as well as task order proposals.

Prior to joining Lohfeld Consulting Group as Managing Director, she served as proposal center director for Lockheed Martin and before that for 12 years as proposal center director for Management Systems Designers, Inc. (MSD) (acquired by Lockheed Martin).

Beth was inducted as an Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) Fellow in June 2010. She served as APMP’s 2014 Past CEO, 2013 CEO, 2012 COO, 2010 – 2011 Director of Education and 2009 and 2008 President of APMP’s National Capital Area (NCA) Chapter. Beth holds APMP certification.