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4 Reasons to create a master document for every proposal volume

It’s important to create a master document for every proposal volume with all volume contents included. Create an associated Assembly Checklist that lists each tab, proposal section (with page counts for each section), appendices (with page counts for each appendix), and any other insert, e.g., product sheets, marketing materials, etc. This ensures version control. This master document serves a number of purposes: It’s a tool for printers to use to ensure they receive and print all applicable sections of the proposal. It’s an assembly guide for your book assembly team and an aid for preparing for your White Glove Review. A master document enables Sesame Street proposal checking (don’t laugh – at the end we’re all very tired, and being able to compare back and forth helps us to catch any mistakes! One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn’t belong…) It tells … Continue reading 4 Reasons to create a master document for every proposal volume

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8 Required elements of a solid proposal production plan

Successful proposal production encompasses myriad elements. Develop a standard proposal production plan, including multiple checklists, and tailor your plan for each proposal according to the RFP requirements. Do this as soon after RFP release as feasible and then update with final details as you get closer to beginning production activities. Your proposal production plan should include, at minimum: Document production instructions Version control instructions Systems testing instructions Supplies planned and ordered for use for the proposal Software packages and versions planned for use for the proposal (may be specified by the RFP) Resources and supplies – in-house and outside vendors for printing and office/production supplies ordered for use for the proposal, e.g., binders, tab sets, paper, toner cartridges, and other printer supplies White Glove Review quality control instructions Delivery instructions By Beth Wingate  

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