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7 Ways to mitigate proposal business case review risks

At the 2011 APMP International Conference, Lohfeld Consulting Group’s Managing Director Brenda Crist presented an informative session on mitigating proposal risks. Here are Brenda’s identified Proposal Business Case Review Risks and recommended Mitigation Strategies: Business case in not consistent with the technical and management solution. Immediately correct the inconsistencies in both proposals. Assumptions are not documented. Define all known assumptions that could impact the price or operational delivery. Company is unable to meet the terms and conditions specified by the client. Document what terms and conditions you are unable to meet and why, if the customer is open, renegotiate the terms and conditions before submitting the proposal. If you are unable to meet the terms and conditions consider not bidding. Business case is too high risk for the company to support. Consider pulling the bid. Resulting profit margin is too high or low. Fix the profit margin so your bid … Continue reading 7 Ways to mitigate proposal business case review risks

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9 Key factors for winning proposals

One Monday morning, I received a frantic email from a friend who’d been interviewing for proposal manager positions. “Beth, what’s your 30-second response to what makes a proposal compelling?” She’d been asked that question during her interview and thought she’d flubbed the answer. She wanted to hear my perspective so she could prepare for her other interviews later that day and the next. I paused for a moment to consider the question and then banged out this response, “A well-developed value proposition and (technical) solution supported by excellent pre-RFP capture development and client intimacy. A cleanly designed proposal with relevant, clear, insightful, professionally developed graphics.” It’s incredible when you think of the tremendous number of labor hours, dedication, money, expertise, education, and opportunity costs that underlie that 28-word response. The lessons we’ve all learned over the years fill thousands of books and PowerPoint presentations designed to share our pains and … Continue reading 9 Key factors for winning proposals

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