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5 tips to achieve high performance teams

by Lisa Pafe (connect with Lisa on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/lisapafe) Crafting solutions is an intellectual challenge, but it is also a team challenge. Whether as part of a bid to win work or a consulting assignment to solve a customer problem, the solutioning process involves a team. Yet, no matter how many masterminds you assemble, the team is often its own worst enemy. As a team lead, project or proposal manager, how many times have you thought you did everything right? You assemble experts to brainstorm, architect, write and review…only to result in a non-compelling or even non-compliant solution. With a solution that does not reflect the customer’s vision and objectives, what happened? Let’s step back from the solution, and take a look at the team. Project and proposal teams are short-term, often hastily assembled, and face enormous time constraints. People cycle in and out (writers, solution architects, subject matter experts, reviewers). The … Continue reading 5 tips to achieve high performance teams

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