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6 Stress busters that increase productivity

How you can be actively engaged and productive without getting stressed out

Stress is one of the greatest productivity busters, costing American businesses $300 billion per year in lost productivity. The World Health Organization states that stress creates an unhealthy organization, reducing team productivity in a competitive market and even threatening the organization’s very survival. There are times when stress is necessary, but sometimes we become overwhelmed. I have a tendency to become so engaged in managing or contributing to an important proposal or project that it overwhelms other aspects of my life. I go to bed only to see my latest writing or reviewing project swimming behind my closed eyelids. It can be hard to turn off the stress when I hear the email notification chiming on my laptop or iPhone. Great ideas seem to pop up in the middle of the night making it even harder to relax and sleep. You do yourself and your team no favors by feeling stressed and sleep-deprived. … Continue reading 6 Stress busters that increase productivity

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5 proposal yoga poses to add to your life cycle

Yoga is a great way to reduce stress, increase flexibility, and regain composure – all highly beneficial to the harried proposal professional. Lisa Pafe suggests some ways to incorporate these yoga-induced benefits into your proposal life cycle. You don’t need to roll out a yoga mat in order to relax. Just take 10 minutes at your desk and try these five proposal yoga poses. Remember to ease into these poses and stop immediately if you feel any pain or discomfort. 1. Kickoff sun salutation  Greet the day (or the sunset). Stand up beside your desk, shoes off. Slowly raise your arms above your head breathing in through your nose until your palms touch. Then, slowly swan dive down to the floor breathing out through your nose, and letting your head, neck, and arms dangle. You can shake your head yes and no to further relieve tension. If hamstrings are too … Continue reading 5 proposal yoga poses to add to your life cycle

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