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Meet Liz Skarlatos: “Princess Leia” of capture managers

I asked Liz Skarlatos, Lohfeld Consulting Group Principal Consultant, who she would be if she were a character from popular fiction. She replied, “I aspire to be Princess Leia. Mainly because she’s spunky, feisty, and a leader. She was respected. There were women heroines before her, but she stood out. She wasn’t afraid to take a stand. I always loved that character—just not the hairstyle!” Liz may say she aspires to be Princess Leia, but her interview revealed to me that if the federal proposal arena is Star Wars, then she is Princess Leia. Liz is a top-notch capture manager who takes a stand for her captures and knows how to avoid common pitfalls so nothing gets in the way of her mission. Read the interview below to get her perspective on capture, and see for yourself how she embodies her icon. You’ll also get her perspective on trending mistakes … Continue reading Meet Liz Skarlatos: “Princess Leia” of capture managers

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Capture and proposal innovations: time management

Time. As capture and proposal professionals, we find that it is most certainly NOT on our side. We are always battling time constraints and deadlines that fall at the most inconvenient times, such as vacations or family events. Summer is particularly taxing, especially as we get closer to the end of the Federal fiscal year and the government pushes out a seemingly endless stream of solicitations. Advice abounds on how to better manage time. But, what time management innovations are most useful for our profession? People The biggest time waster related to people is due in large part to distractions caused by innovation. Our teams are so connected to the world through smart phones, tablets, iPads, and the like that they lack focus. It is virtually impossible to hold a meeting without most of the attendees checking their email, social media posts, and text messages. With all the innovations in … Continue reading Capture and proposal innovations: time management

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