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Can GSA help agencies gain efficiencies?

Washington Technology Article

In 2014, many legislators and pundits hailed the Federal Information Technology Reform Act (FITARA) as the most significant changes to the federal IT procurement system since the Information Technology Management Reform Act of 1996. Bolstered by Office of Management and Budget (OMB) guidance giving agency CIOs more authority for delivering IT on schedule and within budget, agency CIOs are accountable for reporting results through an IT scorecard. However, at the May 18 House hearing, the scorecard was dismal. The scorecard reports four key measures of technology reform success: Incremental Development Risk Assessment Transparency IT Portfolio Review Savings, and Data Center Consolidation. Overall scores of 24 agencies were as follows: Zero received an A Only one agency received a grade of B 22 received grades of C to D, and One received an F. Those are poor grades, and if an IT contractor received such a score, they certainly would not … Continue reading Can GSA help agencies gain efficiencies?

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