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Do you understand how to show you understand? (Part 2 of 2)

Developing an insightful risk mitigation approach

Describing potential risks and proposed mitigations is an excellent way to show proposal evaluators you understand project complexities. In Part 1 of this blog post, I discussed six common pitfalls to demonstrating understanding and how to avoid them. An insightful risk approach identifies risks to successful project performance from the customer’s perspective, which requires that you know the customer. However, it also requires that you have experience. Based on your experience, you can describe risks you’ve encountered and how you mitigated them successfully. Here are five common pitfalls and five tips to a great risk mitigation approach that demonstrates your understanding of the customer and the contract. Pitfall #1: Your risks don’t matter Often bidders cut and paste risks from proposals for similar contracts. They give little thought to what really matters to this customer in terms of risks to successful schedule, budget, and quality performance. Tip #1: Identify risks … Continue reading Do you understand how to show you understand? (Part 2 of 2)

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Win Lab recap

2014 APMP-NCA Mid-Atlantic Conference

At the 2014 APMP-NCA Mid-Atlantic Conference, Brenda Crist presented a fun and fast-paced program in which participants served as different members of the bid team to prepare the compliance matrix, collect information from the customer, form ad hoc partnerships, develop features and benefits, respond to a new amendment, conduct a color team review, and score a mini proposal. The difference with this lab is that it started with the last step in the proposal process – the information the source selection evaluation board is likely to recommend to the source selection authority for contract award. The lab showed how students can start with the end game to develop high-scoring proposals. Students took away practical processes for developing high-scoring proposals, methods for mitigating risks that come through during the lab, and tips for saving bid and proposal time and money. They acted as business developers to collect information from the customers, … Continue reading Win Lab recap

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Proposal scheduling – make it or break it (Part 2 of 2)

Instituting scheduling best practices before, during, and after Request for Proposal (RFP) release can help alleviate risks and improve a company’s chance of developing a compliant, compelling, and winning proposal. This week Brenda Crist, PPF.APMP and APMP Fellow shares part 2 of her time-tested advice on proposal scheduling. Part 2: Effective scheduling after RFP release and submission As soon as the RFP is released, the race against the clock starts to prepare the information needed for the Kick-off Meeting, including the schedule, compliance matrix, and writers’ packages. Start by building a bullet-proof compliance matrix. Have at least two people review the compliance matrix to verify no instruction, evaluation criteria, or requirement is missed! Use the requirements list to build a work breakdown structure (WBS). Then add additional structure to incorporate proposal management tasks including: Kick-off Meeting Contributor Training Question development Daily Standup Meetings conducted Executive Summary draft development Conceptual planning/solution … Continue reading Proposal scheduling – make it or break it (Part 2 of 2)

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