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A 360 degree view of wired RFPs

Proposal professionals use the term wired to refer to a request for proposal (RFP) they believe is rigged to ensure one company wins. Customers rig an RFP by using specific requirements and evaluation criteria that favor one company versus the competition. Although there are many ways to wire an RFP, here are 10 common methods: Customers select an acquisition vehicle that severely limits the competitive field Resumes are required for all or most positions, even non-management positions Resume requirements reflect obscure or hard-to-find skills, education, or certifications Evaluation criteria (usually >60%) is weighted in favor of resumes and past performance Threshold for using a past performance reference limits the competition Technical requirements are so specific only an incumbent could respond to them Customer’s objectives and technical requirements are so vague they are hard to interpret RFP asks the offeror to respond to multiple sample task orders that are specific Turnaround … Continue reading A 360 degree view of wired RFPs

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How to improve your company’s internal bid awareness

Implement an internal communications plan

Does your company have an efficient process for dispatching all pre-request for proposal (RFP) and post-RFP submission notices from the customer to the correct capture, proposal, or program management office (PMO) staff members? Do you proactively alert your PMO and production staff about upcoming bids? Do you alert your capture and proposal teams as to when contracts are ending so they have adequate time to position for a recompete? If you answered no to any of these questions, consider implemented an internal communications plan—an alerting process. Table 1 suggests check points you can add to your process. Table 1: Define roles/responsibilities to improve internal bid awareness Role Responsibility Capture Sets up search agents for pre-RFP, post-RFP, post-submission, award alerts, and new opportunities Upon receiving an alert, indicating an active request for information (RFI)/sources sought notice, or RFP notifies proposals, human resources (HR), pricing, and production teams Sets up a kick-off … Continue reading How to improve your company’s internal bid awareness

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