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An agile retrospective

Looking back at the past and into the future makes me think of the Proposal Postmortem. Performing a critical Lessons Learned review of what worked well and what can be improved is an important best practice in the lifecycle of a proposal. Do we always have at least one? How much attention do we give it before rushing off to the next proposal? Agile approaches like Scrum and Kanban employ a similar best practice called the Agile Retrospective. Its purpose is the same as a Proposal Postmortem—to capture Lessons Learned and improve processes and outcomes on future sprints (or proposal efforts). What can we learn from our counterparts in the software engineering field? What new perspectives can we adopt from the agile principles? After all, we are all developing a product—theirs is software, and ours is the proposal. Let’s explore this a bit… Retrospective (from Latin retrospectare, “look back”) refers … Continue reading An agile retrospective

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