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13 must-have data elements for proposal resume templates

Over the years, I’ve developed a proposal resume contents template that combines requested resume contents from hundreds of government requests for proposals (RFP). Here are the items I typically include in a master resume – which can then be cut down and tailored as needed. Full name Education (degree, major, school) Years of related experience (e.g., software development, project management – whatever the employee’s core skills include) Security clearance (with pertinent details) Professional experience (title, company, location, dates position held) Position description   (with pertinent details) Certifications (with pertinent details) Publications (with pertinent details) Professional associations (with pertinent details) Continuing education (with pertinent details) Awards (with pertinent details) Software/hardware experience (with pertinent details) Any other categories relevant to your industry/niche marketplace Additionally, I always format the master resumes using MS Word styles for tailoring quickly to RFP specifications. I also set up a regular schedule (typically once to twice a year) … Continue reading 13 must-have data elements for proposal resume templates

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6 Early-stage proposal products to identify and develop

More adventures start with a lack of planning. –Capt. Dick Shakeshaft, Keynote Speaker, APMP Nor’easters 2011 Fall Symposium Keeping a proposal team on a winning track means getting an early start on the proposal. Arguably, the most important activity during the Pre-proposal Preparation Phase is preparing proposal products early. While each RFP contains unique questions that are difficult to anticipate, we can get a head start on many standard proposal sections during this phase. Identify proposal products typically included in similar or related bids for this client, and begin developing these sections before RFP release. Typically, these products include: Resumes Past performance summaries Graphics Plans (quality, safety, program management, transition, small business, etc.) Executive summary Orals presentation This allows you to spend post-RFP release response time revising, reviewing, and polishing content versus writing it from scratch. Early writing has many benefits. Writers begin writing to outlined content while the outline … Continue reading 6 Early-stage proposal products to identify and develop

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