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Don’t make these mistakes – 12 past performance lessons learned

Here are some of our Lohfeld Consulting Group team’s top past performance-related lessons learned from our collective experience managing and submitting thousands and thousands of proposals over our careers. In terms of populating your past performance repository (every company must have one), enforce a company-wide policy for project/program managers (PM) to develop detailed past performances for every project. Enforce the policy, update the past performances every 6 months, and provide PMs with incentives for compliance. Develop comprehensive templates for collecting past performance information in an effort to answer likely solicitation questions. For example, ask PMs to define objectives achieved, schedule compliance, cost compliance, businesslike concern for customer interests, problem resolution, tools/technologies, etc. Before asking PMs to update past performance descriptions, provide them with training and instructions. All past performance summaries must be accomplishment oriented. They should indicate what you did and how well you did with lots of factoids and … Continue reading Don’t make these mistakes – 12 past performance lessons learned

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