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The Rise of the Chief Growth Officer Role and Business Growth Teams

With the rise of the CGO, the role of the capture, proposal and technical operations teams are also changing

An increasing number of Federal Contractors are hiring Chief Growth Officers (CGOs). The job of a CGO’s is to align business, technical, and customer service functions toward a common goal of increasing a company’s growth and profitability. To underscore the rise of the CGO role, a new professional association the Growth Officers Association Taking Sales Seriously (GOA-TSS) has recently formed (goa-tss.org). CGOs are reshaping organizations to stay ahead of and engage with customers at every step in the acquisition lifecycle ranging from pipeline development to bid no/bid decisions to demonstrations of company products and services to customers The CGO serves as a trusted advisor to the company president and recommends business growth and win strategies. The rise of the CGOs has accelerated leaner and more competitive organizational structures, which impacts the way we engage customers and plan to win business. For example, capture managers are pursuing bids aligned with company … Continue reading The Rise of the Chief Growth Officer Role and Business Growth Teams

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The Great Proposal: A True Story of Strengths

Solutioning to strengths when faced with a recompete

The great proposal did not start out great – nor did it focus on Strengths. In the beginning, 15 months prior to RFP release, there were the usual problems we faced when preparing for a recompete. Red flags included project start-up issues that resulted in mediocre CPARS ratings, difficult client relationships, competing stakeholder demands, customer turnover on the acquisition side, and no dedicated Capture Manager or Capture Plan. Since this recompete represented the company’s largest Federal contract, the CEO knew she had to take action. And that’s when the trajectory, which had been turning towards a possible proposal loss, started to reverse course. Capture Readiness Assessment The Capture Readiness Assessment included interviews and document review based on Lohfeld Consulting Group’s 12 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The resulting scorecard revealed an average score of 3.5 out of ten. This score is not unusual more than a year ahead of RFP release, … Continue reading The Great Proposal: A True Story of Strengths

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The end of the incumbent empire: Part 2 – 10 ways to retain your incumbency

Lohfeld Business Winning Webinar

In Part 1 of her webinar, Lisa Pafe identified 10 ways to unseat the incumbent. Now in Part 2, Lisa focuses on how to retain your incumbency in the highly competitive Federal Government market. While industry studies show that incumbents now have approximately the same win rate on rebids as non-incumbents, the fact remains that the best informed wins—and the incumbent is still the best informed. Learn how to leverage your incumbency from day one of contract award and protect your work from challengers. This webinar provides 10 proven best practices to keep your incumbency intact in today’s changing environment. Click to watch the Part 2 webinar replay and download the presentation and research brief. (Watch Part 1 of The End of the Incumbent Empire and download the presentation.) Your speaker: Lisa Pafe, CPP APMP, Principal Consultant with Lohfeld Consulting Group Lisa Pafe brings 25 years’ experience in management consulting, marketing, … Continue reading The end of the incumbent empire: Part 2 – 10 ways to retain your incumbency

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