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Proposal brain

Mental fatigue is real and can affect your proposal success

Do you feel forgetful? Is your thinking cloudy? Are you making mistakes? Are you scrambling your words? If so, chances are you have “proposal brain” or what some call “brain fry.” In my experience, working long hours over a stretch of several days without a break causes the problem and no amount of sugar, caffeine or binge watching your favorite shows can cure it. So, what causes this occupational hazard? I used to work with a doctor who chalked it up to mental fatigue or too many hours spent in front a computer screen without a break. Some people can go for several days without feeling the effects of proposal brain and some just hours. So, if you get proposal brain how can you to get rid of it? Here are five tips, I found helpful. Step away from the screen – Leave your office and go for a walk … Continue reading Proposal brain

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NEW Lohfeld book released – 10 steps to creating high-scoring proposals: A modern perspective on proposal development and what really matters

We’re excited to introduce our latest book to you—10 steps to creating high-scoring proposals: A modern perspective on proposal development and what really matters—now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats. Here’s an overview of our new book. (You can find out more about our other five books here.) Introduction Beth Wingate, President Bob Lohfeld developed the 10 steps to creating high-scoring proposals presentation that he and I expanded into this book to share our modern perspective on proposal management and what matters within the proposal process with our customers. We’re using these 10 steps to help our customers concentrate on what’s really important in proposal development and on best practices that may have fallen to the wayside because of different priorities within their organizations. In this book, Bob will walk you through the source selection decision-making process and what the government evaluators and the final decision maker look … Continue reading NEW Lohfeld book released – 10 steps to creating high-scoring proposals: A modern perspective on proposal development and what really matters

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Capture and proposal innovations: time management

Time. As capture and proposal professionals, we find that it is most certainly NOT on our side. We are always battling time constraints and deadlines that fall at the most inconvenient times, such as vacations or family events. Summer is particularly taxing, especially as we get closer to the end of the Federal fiscal year and the government pushes out a seemingly endless stream of solicitations. Advice abounds on how to better manage time. But, what time management innovations are most useful for our profession? People The biggest time waster related to people is due in large part to distractions caused by innovation. Our teams are so connected to the world through smart phones, tablets, iPads, and the like that they lack focus. It is virtually impossible to hold a meeting without most of the attendees checking their email, social media posts, and text messages. With all the innovations in … Continue reading Capture and proposal innovations: time management

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Watch Bob Lohfeld, Brad Douglas, and Richard Nathan share proven proposal strategies

Winning in a budget-constrained market

Watch three titans of the capture and proposal industry, each with over 30 years of experience give their advice on: Successful capture planning The future of proposals, where are they headed? How to fix outdated proposal processes Compliance versus technical merit GWACs & MACs How to effectively leverage proposal consultants Click to watch Richard Nathan, CEO, AOC Key Solutions; Bob Lohfeld, CEO, Lohfeld Consulting; and Brad Douglas, COO, Shipley Associates share their thoughts and insights.

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