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Ask the Proposal Doctor – Sick of Debating

Dear Proposal Doctor, Our team is in a pitched battle over the proposal outline, and until we resolve it, this proposal is going nowhere. The government’s Section M evaluation criteria (different from what is in Section L) are stated in paragraph form with no numbering or lists or bullets. The paragraphs read like a stream-of-consciousness novel with little form or organization. They are repetitive. Yet some on our team want to take each phrase and make that phrase a heading in the proposal. If we had unlimited page count, this might make sense, but we don’t. Should we organize according to Section L instructions and try to weave in the key words from Section M whenever possible? The endless debate and churn is cutting into the valuable time available to write and develop compelling graphics. How can we achieve closure? Soon! -Sick of Debating Dear Sick, Your question is a good … Continue reading Ask the Proposal Doctor – Sick of Debating

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