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Tips for shredding RFPs quickly and accurately

Being able to shred RFPs and develop compliance matrices and outlines quickly is essential

Most companies want to minimize the time spent preparing Requests for Proposal (RFP) compliance matrices without skimping on accuracy. Typically, companies allow one to three days from the time they receive an RFP to the time the kickoff meeting occurs. Within that timeframe, proposal managers must also create kickoff slides, complete the proposal schedule, arrange team communications, prepare outlines and templates, and coordinate staff and logistics. So, being able to shred RFPs and develop compliance matrices and outlines quickly is essential. Consider these factors before selecting the most efficient path to shredding RFPs and developing compliance matrices and outlines. Is the RFP simple, or is it large and complex with multiple documents? Does the RFP follow a straightforward organization with defined sections for instructions, evaluation criteria, and a statement of work (SOW)? Does the RFP use key words such as will, shall, and must to identify requirements? Are the instructions, … Continue reading Tips for shredding RFPs quickly and accurately

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Agile Proposal Management – Proposal Team Roles

Agile practitioners value individuals and interactions over processes and tools

The Agile Manifesto talks about people, communications, the product, and flexibility. With respect to people, Agile practitioners value individuals and interactions over processes and tools. It takes a team to produce a winning proposal, and they must work together effectively through productive interactions. This does not mean that processes and tools are not important, but simply that the interaction between people on the team is more important. Team efforts to explore the requirements, work through solutioning, ghost the competition, and clearly identify corporate strengths is better accomplished through personal communication, brainstorming, and collaboration than by email, spreadsheets, documents, or automated analysis tools. Consider today’s tools that can generate the compliance matrix for you. When I use one, I still prepare my own compliance matrix, and often have another person do the same to compare our interpretations, cross-check each other, and to ensure complete comprehension. As you adopt an agile, Scrum approach … Continue reading Agile Proposal Management – Proposal Team Roles

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The 25% solution

This week, Brenda Crist described the 25% Solution and provides advice for proposal managers who become defacto capture managers once an RFP drops. I titled this post the 25% Solution because proposal managers often have little more than 25% of the solution completed before the request for proposal (RFP) drops. According to proposal best practices, by the time the RFP drops, a company should have: An established relationship with the client or at least a dialogue with the client A solution for performing the work or at least a concept of operations (CONOPS) A price-to-win (PTW) strategy or at least an idea of the customer’s budget Knowledge of the competition’s solution, PTW, or organizational capabilities Partners in place to help close solution gaps with signed non-disclosure agreements (NDA) Subject matter experts (SME) available and willing to help craft the solution When given a 25% solution, the proposal manager becomes a … Continue reading The 25% solution

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Can you hire an effective capture manager?

Three tips for finding the right person

The CEO of a mid-tier company asked me why many capture managers turn out to be ineffective and, in his case, could he have done something differently in the interview process to predict their effectiveness before hiring them. This is a difficult question because most capture managers will interview well, but some will not live up to expectations once on the job. I thought I would share some insights about this situation in this article. The triple threat Capture managers are part business development (BD) manager, part project manager, and part proposal manager. In this hybrid role, they serve to prepare a company to compete for and win the larger, more-complex bids in the government market and are appointed when a company makes a decision to pursue a particular procurement. You should view capture managers as a triple threat—professionals who are skilled in the three areas of BD, project management, … Continue reading Can you hire an effective capture manager?

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