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The benefits of understanding dissenting perspectives

Build credibility you can wield to resolve conflict, muscle through roadblocks, and challenge teams to higher standards

In the business world, it’s easy to rush our decisions and our conversations. How often have you been in meetings when people speak over one other, cutting in as ideas come to them? That level of intensity and quick thinking has benefits, but it can also lead to people only expressing their own thoughts instead of really understanding other perspectives in the room. Seth Godin advises us to identify the generous skeptics in our workplaces—those people offering an opinion who have insight into our field or into our personal performance—and listen to them instead of dismissing them. As we understand these other perspectives more completely, we build a rapport with the generous critic, and we make our own ideas more robust. There really isn’t a downside, because as Godin points out, we always have time to ignore them later. The benefits of listening and understanding our colleagues’ perspectives aren’t limited to those … Continue reading The benefits of understanding dissenting perspectives

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How to stop the endless cycle of color reviews? Ask Proposal Doctor

A vicious cycle that leaves everyone exhausted and demoralized

Dear Proposal Doctor, How can we stop the seemingly endless cycle of color reviews? My capture manager forces the pink and red reviews way too early in the schedule and then adds multiple review cycles that leave everyone exhausted and demoralized. After pink, we have the rose review. After the red review, we have the wine review, the magenta review, and so forth. The writers give up because they know that no matter what they do, they will be forced into another review cycle. The capture manager justifies the additional reviews by pointing to the poor quality of the proposal at any given point. It’s a vicious cycle that I cannot seem to break. What to do? –Colorblind Dear Colorblind, This question is so old that it is practically a point of proposal management theology. Let’s start with the basic principle that any piece of writing needs a review by … Continue reading How to stop the endless cycle of color reviews? Ask Proposal Doctor

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20 BD habits to kill off in 2015

Washington Technology Article

Instead of writing about all the things companies should do to be more successful in their business acquisition efforts, I thought I would lead off the year by writing about the things companies should stop doing. Too many companies are stuck in the past with obsolete and ineffective practices that make their captures non-productive and proposals unnecessarily expensive. If you think this might apply to your company, then the first step for 2015 should be to drive out all the bad practices in order to make way for all the new practices you’ll need to win. Here’s my list of some of the more egregious habits we’ve seen in companies. I hope that none of these apply to your firm, but just in case they do, make sure you put them on your kill list for 2015. Download and read Bob’s latest article. Email your comments to me at RLohfeld@LohfeldConsulting.com. … Continue reading 20 BD habits to kill off in 2015

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Does Agile project management have a place in proposal management?

2014 APMP-NCA Mid-Atlantic Conference

IT projects today frequently employ an Agile development approach. At the 2014 APMP-NCA Mid-Atlantic Conference, Maryann Lesnick looked at these Agile approaches, and in particular the Scrum model, to answer the question: Does Agile Project Management have a place in Proposal Management? On Scrum projects, there are three roles: Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Team. Can these roles translate into our industry? What are the parallels between software engineering and proposal management? What can we learn from Agile software engineering disciplines that can be applied to proposal management? What new benefits might be realized from making the proposal and BD lifecycle more agile? Download Maryann’s presentation to get some new ideas about how to manage proposal efforts with increased agility. Connect with Maryann on LinkedIn

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