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Can you improve your proposal operations (and your win rate)?

Get 2015 off to the right start

Despite poor results, we often continue to do things the same way. This pattern may apply to your proposal shop as well. Perhaps your win rate is stagnant or declining, your team is burned out, your technology doesn’t work, and/or proposal quality is at an all-time low. But how to improve? To provide a roadmap for improvement, Lohfeld Consulting Group now offers an independent Proposal Improvement Assessment. This review is an objective analysis of proposal operations (people, processes, and technology) versus best practices as well as proposal quality versus our 7 quality measures proven to increase win rates. Based on the analysis, we provide detailed, actionable recommendations that will dramatically improve results. I have conducted a half dozen of these reviews, and my observation is that this service offers the best return on investment (ROI) for proposal improvement that will increase your win rate. Often, proposal shops realize they have … Continue reading Can you improve your proposal operations (and your win rate)?

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