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Capture proposal lessons learned – and then live them!

I regularly hear colleagues at proposal-related events sharing tales of capture and proposal nightmares that would make Stephen King blanch! Most of the time, these scenarios never needed to happen in the first place, and certainly shouldn’t be the repeat occurrences we often see. Here are some thoughts on how to capture, document, and – most importantly – institutionalize lessons learned in your organization. After every proposal (and task order proposal) effort, hold an internal capture and proposal team lessons-learned meeting after a suitable waiting period, especially if it was a lengthy, contentious proposal. Typically, hold the meeting within 1 week of submission or people forget or discount issues. Develop a standard set of questions that you send to the capture and proposal team a couple of days before the meeting, and have folks provide responses before the meeting (and anonymously if practical). Compile the responses, sort them by topic, … Continue reading Capture proposal lessons learned – and then live them!

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6 Rules for proposal graphics

Review and incorporate the following guidelines and suggestions into your graphics development process. Start with a complete detailed graphic (hand-sketched or computer-generated) and then begin to remove as much detail as you can without destroying the real message. This reduces the graphic to its simplest form. The extra detail can be placed in an appendix to the proposal, if appropriate. Don’t try to generate finished artwork at the first pass. You might have several ideas for graphics that support the thesis sentence, but will eventually select the most appropriate one, or combination, as you develop the text. Be creative. The time to experiment is before the graphic artist renders the graphic in electronic format. Focus on the what, how, and why of the graphic to avoid producing meaningless graphics. Don’t deviate from the message expressed in the text. Role play and look at the graphic from the evaluators’ viewpoint. Will … Continue reading 6 Rules for proposal graphics

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