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10 Steps to creating high-scoring proposals

A modern perspective on proposal development and what really matters

I recently had the privilege of sitting down with Stacey Coolican, CEO of Coolican Consulting, to talk about the topics Bob Lohfeld and I wrote about in our book, 10 steps to creating high-scoring proposals. As a former Senior Contracting Officer with an unlimited warrant and over 20 years’ DoD experience including supporting Acquisition Category I (ACAT I) major weapons system programs, Stacey offers tremendous practical experience with accompanying insights that add another perspective to the suggestions Bob and I share in the book (excerpts below). Bob Lohfeld and I developed the 10 steps to creating high-scoring proposals presentation and book to share our modern perspective on proposal management and what matters within the proposal process. We walk through the source selection decision-making process and what the government evaluators and the final decision-maker look for as they review your proposals. We cover our Strength-Based Solutioning™ process and the difference between features and benefits—and how to … Continue reading 10 Steps to creating high-scoring proposals

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Top 10 Favorite Business/Proposal Development-related Books

In our first Insights blog posting, I shared my favorite business/proposal development/design books with you. I hope you’ve had a chance to look at them and hopefully find a few you want to add to your own library. I also surveyed our Lohfeld Consulting Group team for their favorite capture management, proposal development, and design-related books, and here they are. For your ease in adding these to your reading list, I’ve hyperlinked each book to Amazon.com so you can easily find additional details and reviews from other readers. I’ve also noted whether the book is available as hardcopy or Kindle format (for my fellow iPad aficionados!). Please share your favorites with me by commenting below or sending an email to BWingate@LohfeldConsulting.com. I’ll add your recommendations to our running list of favorite capture, proposal, and design books and update the list in future posts. Hope Is Not A Winning Strategy. . . … Continue reading Top 10 Favorite Business/Proposal Development-related Books

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Lohfeld Team’s Favorite Business, Proposal, and Design Books

Welcome to Lohfeld Consulting Group’s new blog. We started this blog to share our proposal development and capture management-related tips, hints, and tricks—and to share our thoughts on best practices in proposal development. Check our blog frequently for new postings of interest to folks in the proposal industry—and sign up for our monthly eZine. Our eZine shares even more capture and proposal best practices, hints, tips, and articles (and shares our upcoming training and events calendar). For our first blog postings, I surveyed our Lohfeld Consulting Group team for their favorite capture, proposal, and design-related books. There were a few – like Mike Parkinson’s Do-It-Yourself Billion Dollar Graphics: 3 Fast and Easy Steps to Turn Your Text and Ideas Into Persuasive Graphics and Mark Amtower’s Selling to the Government-What it takes to compete and win in the world’s largest market – that appeared in many lists. Others were new to … Continue reading Lohfeld Team’s Favorite Business, Proposal, and Design Books

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