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How to select the right consultant for you

If locating and vetting consultant support is overwhelming your team, consider these tips for finding the best match for your needs.

With decreased federal budgets, there’s more competition for contractors than ever before. Whether you’re trying to get an edge on a “must win” opportunity, increase your capacity to respond to proposals, or just keep your staff from burning out, you may turn to proposal consultants. Finding the right consultant can be a challenge. You need someone who’s effective and who’s a good fit for your mission-critical objective. How do you find the right one? What to look for Any consultant you consider should have basic qualifications, such as the following: Reputation: Known for quality support with a legacy of winning and added value. Experience: Adequate years of specific, current proposal experience (at least 15–20 years for senior-level support). Leadership: Proven leadership within our industry or professional organizations. Autonomy: Self-sufficiency; a proven ability to work independently. Expertise: Specialization with a multi-faceted skill set; familiar with the business development lifecycle. Knowledge: Ability … Continue reading How to select the right consultant for you

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