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Calming your monkey mind

We are all frantically busy. We can’t relax. Our down time is spent checking Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Our minds are twisting, swinging in all directions, and leaping from branch to branch. In Buddhism it is aptly called Monkey Mind. And it impacts your health by increasing stress as well as your productivity by reducing your ability to focus. Take 5 minutes to calm your mind, and I guarantee you will have a calmer and more productive day. Try this simple breathing and meditation exercise. Close your eyes or focus gently on one spot in the room. Set your intention for the day ahead. Set it as a positive affirmation. For example, if you want to be calm today, think: “I am calm.” If you want to be productive, think: “I am productive.” Now, roll your shoulders slowly forward and then slowly back. Lean your head gently from side to side, lowering your … Continue reading Calming your monkey mind

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