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5 Essential elements for proposal writing plans

There are multiple terms used for the initial writing tools used in proposal development. Some use the term storyboard. This term comes from the movie industry in which the director blocks out scenes so she can visualize the action plot sequencing. Others prefer the term annotated outline to indicate the depth to which the flow of text is being developed. Writing plan is a generic term Lohfeld Consulting Group uses to refer to whichever method (storyboard or annotated outline) you select for a particular proposal development effort. Regardless of the term and the form used, the essentials of the writing plan template include: Reference to the section being addressed Theme or lead-in statement Substantiating evidence Offer design strategy for text and graphics Bulleted details for the text Writing plans provide the road map for the actual proposal. They give your writers a mechanism to organize their thoughts, gather evidence to … Continue reading 5 Essential elements for proposal writing plans

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7 Reasons to develop a compliance matrix

A compliance matrix can serve multiple purposes. It’s an internal document that keeps your entire proposal team on the same page regarding compliance and ensures your proposal meets all requirements. It includes every shall, must, and will requirement in the entire RFP. It’s an organized listing of all requirements in RFP Sections L, M, C, Contract Data Requirements Lists (CDRL), and other sections of the RFP that contain requirements. In these days of boilerplated and recycled RFPs, developing a compliance matrix helps in finding disconnects between RFP sections and documents. Common disconnects include discrepancies between Section L and Section M contents, nonsensical soft- or hard-copy formatting instructions, discrepancies in technical requirements between Section C and technical attachments, and legacy information from a previous procurement, e.g., inaccurate dates or out-of-date requirements. It serves as a navigation and checklist tool for proposal managers, volume leads, proposal developers/writers, and internal proposal reviewers (as … Continue reading 7 Reasons to develop a compliance matrix

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12 Required kick-off meeting elements

Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results. –Andrew Carnegie You should design all aspects of your kick-off meeting to motivate your team, communicate your proposal plan, and set the overall tone for how your proposal team will operate. Though the kick-off meeting typically occurs a few days after RFP release, planning for the kick-off meeting prior to RFP release saves time once the RFP drops – a major advantage for your team. Once actual post-RFP proposal preparation begins, having already planned the kick-off meeting saves important time that you can use to review the RFP, validate pre-proposal products, and prepare final writing plans and writers’ packages. The planning process involves identifying the meeting location, handling logistics, designing the agenda, preparing distribution materials, and inviting the … Continue reading 12 Required kick-off meeting elements

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