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The art of the data call: proof points that POP

In today’s blog post, Lisa Pafe follows up on her 7 questions to ask before RFP release with insights on crafting effective data calls… In my previous blog, I discussed 7 questions to form the basis of the data call. But, how do you ensure that your proof points are any good? Here are some examples of typical bland proposal statements that beg the reader to ask for proof: We enjoy high levels of customer satisfaction. How high? We have low employee turnover. Compared to what? We offer relevant experience. In what? We have the personnel reach back to rapidly staff task orders. Prove it! By crafting an effective data call, you get proof points that POP as shown in the following examples. P: Persuasive We will meet or exceed performance expectations. In all 12 of our Past Performance Information Retrieval System (PPIRS) ratings for eight agencies over the past … Continue reading The art of the data call: proof points that POP

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