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“Evolve Care Package” for creating a high-scoring proposal

The U.S. Department of State (DOS) Bureau of Information Resource Management (IRM) is about to release its $10B Evolve IDIQ. The bid is highly competitive—hundreds of companies showed interest during DOS’ industry day—while DOS is only likely to award 36 Evolve contracts. Evolve stage gates DOS is looking to eliminate low performers early in the competition and has set up two stage gates. In Stage 1, companies must pass DOS’ evaluation of their past performance, corporate experience, and information provided on the “go/no go” information sheets. Companies passing Stage 1 continue to Stage 2, where the competition increases. Companies must make two oral presentations in response to an unknown technical challenge and a management approach. DOS will use the Best Value-Tradeoff source selection process defined in FAR 15.101-1 (Tradeoff Process) to make the award. For non-price factors, DOS will consider the strengths, weaknesses, and deficiencies associated with your bid. DOS … Continue reading “Evolve Care Package” for creating a high-scoring proposal

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5 industry trends that affect bid and proposal professionals’ employment

B&P professionals should understand how to develop, script, and present oral proposals and demonstrations

In 2022, the following 5 industry trends will impact bid and proposal (B&P) professionals’ employment, development, and retention. 1. The scramble to hire experienced B&P professionals Finding experienced business development (BD), capture, and proposal professionals who are well suited to support a company is difficult—especially as many Baby Boomers who hold leadership positions retire. To address this gap, many companies rely on corporate headhunters to find candidates, while others hire consultants or promote from within to fill vacant positions. 2. Retaining skilled B&P professionals High turnover in the industry is still linked to tight deadlines, long hours, and high-stress work. Smart companies are offering work life balance alternatives, remote work options, training, and competitive compensation packages to retain valued employees. 3. Training gaps As companies promote from within to fill vacant positions or decide to train technical staff to provide additional B&P support, they are identifying training gaps. To fill … Continue reading 5 industry trends that affect bid and proposal professionals’ employment

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