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How MACs can increase your bottom line

Part 1 of 4 in Lohfeld’s MAC series

What are Multiple-Award Contracts (MAC) and why should they matter to you? Simply put, a MAC is a basic contract awarded to multiple contractors against which they compete for task order awards. MACs are also referred to as Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) and Government Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWAC). Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) govern how government agencies use MACs to procure goods and services. MACs should matter to every government contractor for five reasons. MAC spending represented nearly 25% of all U.S. Government spending in fiscal 2017. During the fourth quarter, which starts July 1, most of that spending occurs through MACs. Government agencies depend on MACs to support their workload due to compressed timelines and limited acquisition resources—especially in the fourth quarter. Many MACs are designated as Best in Class (BICs) contracts, and agencies such as the Department of Defense (DOD) are using BICs as their preferred method to acquire … Continue reading How MACs can increase your bottom line

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The procurement environment in 2018 | Amtower Off Center

Host Mark Amtower interviews industry experts Bob Lohfeld and Stan Soloway – May 2018

Click here to listen to Mark’s interview On May 7, 2018 Amtower Off Center host Mark Amtower talked with Stan Soloway (President and CEO of Celero Strategies) and Bob Lohfeld (CEO, Lohfeld Consulting) on several issues impacting government contracting. Topics include: the procurement climate under the Trump administration the impact of the new environment on all contractors (large, mid and small) which contracts are more active for services, including the GWACs and IDIQs (Alliant, OASIS, CIO-SP3, Seaport-e and NG) the headline-making OTAs non-traditional and alternative contracting DoDs JEDI the “commercial portal” legislation and the potential impact Hosted by nationally-known speaker and consultant Mark Amtower, Amtower Off-Center highlights the good, the bad, the ugly and the just plain silly of doing business in the government market. Every week experts join Mark for a lively discussion of current issues facing the government contractor community.     Stan Soloway is President & CEO of Celero … Continue reading The procurement environment in 2018 | Amtower Off Center

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GSA VETS 2 & Alliant 2 – Get a Second Opinion

UPDATE: GSA VETS 2 due date was extended to June 20. Alliant 2 and Alliant 2 SB will be released on or about June 20 with a 60-day turn. Plan ahead!

I have written extensively about the General Service Administration (GSA)’s evaluation approach for GSA One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services (OASIS), Alliant/Alliant Small Business 2, Veterans Technology Services (VETS) 2, and the new Human Capital and Training Solutions (HCaTS). The advantage for GSA is objectivity since bidders self score, thus supposedly reducing the risk of protest. The advantage for bidders is that they know in advance if they have a good probability of securing a spot on these critical Government-Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs). A recent article on the HCaTS procurement pointed to some major risks for bidders who fail to achieve compliance. Apparently, GSA did not award the maximum number of slots available and instead disqualified a number of bidders, possibly for compliance issues. The bidders who focused only on their bottom-line scores and did not carefully check the compliance of their proposal and associated documentation lost out. Now 26 bidders have filed … Continue reading GSA VETS 2 & Alliant 2 – Get a Second Opinion

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