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Winning business without a proposal

Identify the contracts that can support organic growth

You can win new business without writing a proposal using organic growth best practices. In fact, industry executives expect their project management staff to grow contracts by 5-10% annually using organic growth best practices. Eliminate non-starters So how do you grow your business organically? First, identify which contracts cannot accommodate organic growth. Those contracts are usually nearing their dollar ceiling and end of their period of performance or whose customers cannot afford to add funds to a contract. Tips for organic business growth Once you identify the contracts that can support organic growth, determine if the customer has business required outside the scope of the current contract and the ability to add the work and funds to your existing contract. For example, good candidates for organic growth are customers with the following: New objectives that can be fulfilled on your contract. New or changing business requirements. Needs for modernization. Work … Continue reading Winning business without a proposal

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Is OASIS+ for you?

OASIS+ presents a great opportunity for any company, large or small

GSA released the Draft OASIS+ Multi-Agency Contract (MAC) RFP on November 15, and vendors around the beltway and the country are reviewing it to make their bid decisions. What opportunity does OASIS+ present? What are the challenges to getting an award? What should be considered when making the bid decision? OASIS+ upside OASIS+ presents a great opportunity for any company, large or small, to get a foot into government contracting. It represents GSA’s “next generation Best-in-Class Multi-Agency Contracts for complex non-IT services.” With six contract programs (including five for small businesses), OASIS+ covers a broad spectrum of domains—eight for unrestricted (UNR) bidders and seven for small business (SB)—and dozens of NAICS codes. Domains in the initial contract include technical and engineering, management, R&D, environmental, enterprise services (UNR only), logistics, facilities management, and intelligence. Additional domains will be added later. Contractor teaming arrangements (CTAs) may include joint ventures and traditional prime/sub … Continue reading Is OASIS+ for you?

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Whose job is business development and growth?

Spoiler alert: All staff members can contribute to BD and growth

If you’re in the government market selling professional services, whose job is business development (BD) and growth? Is it the job of sales and BD to fulfill it? Is it the responsibility of executives and senior management to perform it? Is it the job of everyone—including those dedicated to supporting customer contracts full-time—to support it? Companies have one of three opinions on this question. Some companies never involve their staff members and keep them blinded to the company’s BD and growth activities. Some companies include staff members on an as-needed basis, and some actively engage and reward staff for supporting BD and growth. While we respect each company’s right to determine the level of staff member involvement, we encourage companies to consider the following scenarios under which staff members can contribute to BD and growth and remind them that all indirect charge BD and growth activities must be given an … Continue reading Whose job is business development and growth?

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CIO-SP4 sets a record for protests!

IT services contract vehicle is in danger of being crushed by protests

Jason Miller, Executive Editor at Federal News Network, reached out to me about what went wrong with the CIO-SP4 procurement. I told him NIH should stop trying to restrict the number of award winners and instead open the vehicle to the maximum number of companies. It is time to stop treating this CIO-SP4 as a procurement and begin treating it as an open application where companies qualify to compete for task orders. Let’s get the maximum number of companies into the game and stop restricting market access to just a few lucky firms. Read Jason’s article to get all the details.CIO-SP4 IT services contract vehicle by Robert (Bob) Lohfeld, CEO & Founder, CF APMP Fellow Bob Lohfeld serves as CEO of Lohfeld Consulting Group. He has more than 30 years’ experience winning contracts in the government market and is recognized consistently for leadership in business development, capture management, and Strength-Based Winning™ … Continue reading CIO-SP4 sets a record for protests!

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