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12 important tips for developing proposal schedules

At each Kickoff Meeting, I provide the final proposal schedule to the proposal team; however, much effort goes into getting to the final schedule. Here are some tips to help your proposal schedule development efforts. Maintain templates of standard, achievable, detailed proposal schedules for 5-, 10-, 15-, and 30-day turnarounds – or whatever the typical turnaround times are for your industry and clients. Once you have the templates developed, you can tweak them for particular efforts and know that you’ve already accounted for all the required drafts, reviews, editing, production, etc. Develop your final proposal schedule backward from the submission date, and develop your schedule forward from RFP receipt, including time to finalize your outline, schedule, templates, kickoff meeting materials, storyboards or annotated outlines, etc. Minimize sequential tasks – maximize parallel tasks. Don’t make every action dependent on the preceding action. Realistically estimate the time required for specific tasks – … Continue reading 12 important tips for developing proposal schedules

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