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IAC-MAC: Are you ready for one of FY18’s biggest IDIQs?

A must win for contractors that perform C4ISR work

The Department of Defense (DOD) will release the final RFP for the Information Analysis Center Multiple-Award Contract (IAC-MAC) on October 3. This $28 billion IDIQ was on Lohfeld Consulting’s top 20 opportunities list for FY17, but final RFP release slipped to first quarter FY18. This Full and Open and Partial Small Business MAC will include three competition pools and combine work previously performed by three separate vehicles: The $5 billion Cyber Security Technical Area Tasks (CS TATs); The $3 billion Defense Systems Technical Area Tasks (DS TATs); and The $900 million Homeland Defense and Security Technical Area Tasks (HD TATs). These predecessor vehicles comprised 40 contracts that generated about $1.6 billion in task order awards for 25 companies since FY14. With ceiling values met or close to being met and many task orders expiring, DoD decided to consolidate efforts and meet the Pentagon’s better buying power goals with the IAC-MAC. … Continue reading IAC-MAC: Are you ready for one of FY18’s biggest IDIQs?

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