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DHS FLASH 2.0: Should you invest in this procurement?

DHS announced last summer that they are considering issuing FLASH 2.0 in FY18

After the Department of Homeland Security cancelled the $1.5 billion Flexible Agile Support for the Homeland (FLASH) procurement May 26, the vendor community was irritated, and rightfully so. This Small Business (SB) set-aside, procured through the DHS Procurement Innovation Lab (PIL), required time, money, and expertise to undertake a technical challenge. Bidders had to demonstrate specialized skills in the incremental Agile software development methodology with rapid prototyping and better user interfaces. Numerous protests and a cancelled procurement After 111 companies applied for a spot on this IDIQ through a process that included limited written proposals, a three-minute initial video, and a four-hour live technology demonstration, DHS made 11 awards that were quickly the subject of 35 separate protests by 10 bidders. Protests centered around numerous mistakes made in the evaluation process. When DHS subsequently cancelled the procurement after six months, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) dismissed the protests. Industry outcry … Continue reading DHS FLASH 2.0: Should you invest in this procurement?

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Alliant 2 and other billion-dollar contracts worth watching this fall

FY17/FY18 opportunities interview with Jason Miller, Federal News Radio

Last week, Lisa Pafe and Beth Wingate sat down with Federal News Radio’s Jason Miller to discuss the latest updates on Alliant 2 (GSA requested bidders extend their offers through Dec. 31) and bids we’re tracking for FY17/FY18. Lisa shared that GSA reached out to some contractors for related clarifications and additional documents. “What that means is hard to say for sure. Does it mean these vendors passed the first test and GSA is now asking for additional documents? Other than that, everyone is just waiting for the awards. Since GSA is going to rank offers based on self-scoring, I think it’s taking a little longer for them to do the verifications.” “Alliant is a well-liked contract, and many companies have been able to grow their businesses by winning major task orders. I think the biggest concerns with Alliant 2 will be for the mid-tier vendors, who were successful on … Continue reading Alliant 2 and other billion-dollar contracts worth watching this fall

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