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Whose job is business development and growth?

Spoiler alert: All staff members can contribute to BD and growth

If you’re in the government market selling professional services, whose job is business development (BD) and growth? Is it the job of sales and BD to fulfill it? Is it the responsibility of executives and senior management to perform it? Is it the job of everyone—including those dedicated to supporting customer contracts full-time—to support it? Companies have one of three opinions on this question. Some companies never involve their staff members and keep them blinded to the company’s BD and growth activities. Some companies include staff members on an as-needed basis, and some actively engage and reward staff for supporting BD and growth. While we respect each company’s right to determine the level of staff member involvement, we encourage companies to consider the following scenarios under which staff members can contribute to BD and growth and remind them that all indirect charge BD and growth activities must be given an … Continue reading Whose job is business development and growth?

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Three strategies for growing in adjacent markets

Washington Technology Article

Normally, the easiest way for government contractors to find new revenue is to prospect in adjacent markets, and the closer these markets are to your existing business base, the more successful you are likely to be. Prospecting does not mean going around giving capability presentations to everyone in government who will listen. Instead, it is about figuring out how you can apply your company’s expertise to help government leaders in adjacent markets be more successful in accomplishing their mission. Here are the guidelines that I like to use when following this strategy. Download and read Bob’s latest article. Email your comments to me at RLohfeld@LohfeldConsulting.com. By Bob Lohfeld This article was originally published February 9, 2015 in WashingtonTechnology.com.    

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