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Proposal graphics must appeal to 3 types of client evaluations

Graphics of all types should be used profusely throughout your proposal – but for every graphic, always ask why is this illustration being used? If the graphic does not add value, either change the graphic so it conveys information effectively or remove it. Charts and graphs should convey a message and/or tell a story. Graphics must appeal to three types of client evaluations: 5-second glimpse and grasp 60-second understanding Detailed scrutiny (for complex items) To score maximum points from graphics, develop graphics in parallel with proposal drafts – this will ensure graphics are reviewed carefully at all stages of proposal review and will save time during final proposal preparation. Continuously review graphics for message, continuity, and relevance. By the Lohfeld Consulting Group Team  

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9 Key factors for winning proposals

One Monday morning, I received a frantic email from a friend who’d been interviewing for proposal manager positions. “Beth, what’s your 30-second response to what makes a proposal compelling?” She’d been asked that question during her interview and thought she’d flubbed the answer. She wanted to hear my perspective so she could prepare for her other interviews later that day and the next. I paused for a moment to consider the question and then banged out this response, “A well-developed value proposition and (technical) solution supported by excellent pre-RFP capture development and client intimacy. A cleanly designed proposal with relevant, clear, insightful, professionally developed graphics.” It’s incredible when you think of the tremendous number of labor hours, dedication, money, expertise, education, and opportunity costs that underlie that 28-word response. The lessons we’ve all learned over the years fill thousands of books and PowerPoint presentations designed to share our pains and … Continue reading 9 Key factors for winning proposals

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6 Early-stage proposal products to identify and develop

More adventures start with a lack of planning. –Capt. Dick Shakeshaft, Keynote Speaker, APMP Nor’easters 2011 Fall Symposium Keeping a proposal team on a winning track means getting an early start on the proposal. Arguably, the most important activity during the Pre-proposal Preparation Phase is preparing proposal products early. While each RFP contains unique questions that are difficult to anticipate, we can get a head start on many standard proposal sections during this phase. Identify proposal products typically included in similar or related bids for this client, and begin developing these sections before RFP release. Typically, these products include: Resumes Past performance summaries Graphics Plans (quality, safety, program management, transition, small business, etc.) Executive summary Orals presentation This allows you to spend post-RFP release response time revising, reviewing, and polishing content versus writing it from scratch. Early writing has many benefits. Writers begin writing to outlined content while the outline … Continue reading 6 Early-stage proposal products to identify and develop

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