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How to Beat a Losing Streak

Five tips to rebound from a string of losses

Proposal professionals are some of the hardest working people in any company. Despite their hard work, they may face a losing streak from time to time. These losses can erode their confidence, adversely affect working relationships, and even trigger job-hopping. Everyone faces losses at one time or another. For example, Steve Jobs is considered one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our generation, yet he prevailed despite numerous losses. When Apple and Lisa sales fell flat in 1985, he was ousted from his position as President. After leaving Apple, he founded NeXT, whose profits floundered. Ultimately, he purchased Pixar, returned to Apple, and the rest is history. In 2005, he gave an inspiring speech to Stanford University students about winning and losing. “I didn’t see it then, but it turned out that getting fired from Apple was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. The heaviness of being … Continue reading How to Beat a Losing Streak

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5 ways to grab your share of the fourth-quarter rush

Washington Technology Article

The government spends a third of its total annual budget in the final quarter of the fiscal year, and this is definitely a busy time for government contractors. So as you enter the final quarter, there are some actions you can take to maximize your share of the government’s year-end spending. To do this, almost every customer-facing manager in your company needs to engage in your year-end sales campaign, and your internal sales support organization—especially your proposal team—needs to step up its op tempo. If you orchestrate a well-planned selling blitz, you can maximize your share of the year-end rally. How big is the year-end rally? The year-end spending spree comes in the fourth quarter of every government fiscal year, and the spending rate is pretty consistent from year to year. Not all government agencies will obligate a third of their annual budget in the final quarter; some agencies will … Continue reading 5 ways to grab your share of the fourth-quarter rush

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