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Here’s what you need to know when the customer asks you to write the work statement

Understand why the government takes this approach

This article was originally published July 6, 2021 on WashingtonTechnology.com Proposal professionals are accustomed to responding to the federal government’s requirements as detailed in the performance work statement (PWS) included in the RFP. According to the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 48 Subpart 37.101, the PWS is the preferred performance-based acquisition (PBA) approach because the focus is on “structuring all aspects of an acquisition around the purpose of the work to be performed as opposed to either the manner by which the work is to be performed or broad and imprecise statements of work.” The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 37.602 allows either the government or the bidder to prepare the PWS. If the government issues the PWS as part of the solicitation, then bidders must respond to the requirements by presenting the features, benefits, and proofs of their proposed solution and highlighting strengths. In contrast, highlighting a discriminating value proposition may seem challenging … Continue reading Here’s what you need to know when the customer asks you to write the work statement

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Transform Color Team Reviews in 2020 with Training

Invest in training your employees to evaluate proposals constructively.

Federal Government evaluators do not read your proposal; they score it. Observed features with proven benefits that have merit beyond mere acceptability are scored as strengths. The bidder with the best and possibly the most strengths wins in a best value trade-off. Yet, when we conduct internal color team reviews, we tend to gather comments (many comments!) rather than scoring and rating the proposal. We try to resolve conflicts on comments rather than trying to improve Strengths and mitigate Weaknesses, Deficiencies and Risks from the customer perspective. I have written extensively on how to improve color team reviews using Lohfeld Consulting Group’s seven quality measures and Mock Source Selection Evaluation Board reviews using Government scoresheets. These are excellent ways to use our Subject Matter Experts to cost effectively score the proposal and give you honest feedback in the manner of a Government debrief. Another cost-effective strategy is training. Our Strength-Based … Continue reading Transform Color Team Reviews in 2020 with Training

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