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Five ideas to help your teams (and yourself)!

Typically, as proposal managers, we do not have complete control over who is on our response team. The team is usually some combination of who is best-suited to help win this opportunity and who is available. The team is most often comprised of professionals with varying degrees of competency, experience, and commitment. Team members may cycle in and out, depending on the phase of the proposal process or other circumstances such as re-assignment to another high priority activity, leave due to vacation or illness, or dismissal due to lack of fit. Team members may be onsite or remote, increasing the level of complexity related to team-building. Partner companies on the team may have their own agendas. So what is a proposal manager to do? Here are five ideas that I have implemented successfully: 1. Don’t get stuck storming! All teams go through five developmental stages that psychologist and educator Bruce … Continue reading Five ideas to help your teams (and yourself)!

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