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Bob Lohfeld: Are worst acquisition practices converging at DoD?

In Depth with Francis Rose

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) this year includes some big reforms for acquisition at the Defense Department. It’s the latest attempt to improve how the government gets the things it needs. Bob Lohfeld wrote about the challenging search for good procurement practices. He wrote that he sees little evidence of convergence on the best acquisition practices. In Depth with Francis Rose asked him if he sees a convergence of the worst acquisition practices instead. Click to listen

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Is DOD moving away from LPTA?

How long will it take to trickle down?

Industry has long objected to the use of lowest priced, technically acceptable (LPTA) procurement strategies for technical/professional services and complex solution procurements, and it now appears that DOD is moving away from this practice. Narrowing the use of LPTA Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics, Frank Kendall, issued a memorandum on March 4 to clear up confusion about when LPTA is appropriate as a source selection process. His memo states LPTA “has a clear, but limited place in the source selection best value continuum” and narrowly defines when LPTA is appropriate for DOD procurements. This memo signals a shift away from the LPTA source selection process. Download a copy of Kendall’s memo titled, “Appropriate Use of Lowest Priced, Technically Acceptable Source Selection Process and Contract Type.” According to Kendall, LPTA should only be used when procurements meet four specific conditions: The requirements are well defined; The risk … Continue reading Is DOD moving away from LPTA?

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