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Past performance – the wealth of a company

(And the winning difference!)

The wealth of a company is in its employees. A company’s employees ensure that company produces and delivers high-quality services on schedule. Employees develop innovations, improve the company’s value, and satisfy their customers daily. When customers praise a company, they usually direct their praise at an individual or team. When a business wins a contract, it’s because they had fewer weaknesses and more strengths in their proposal than other businesses, and they substantiated their strengths with proof points. So if the work of the staff is so important, why do companies put such a low priority on recording the past performance of their employees? Some companies do not maintain a plan or schedule for updating their past performance. In some companies, a culture arises where program managers feel it is unimportant. In other companies, proposal staff are too busy with proposals to develop and manage past performance. There are a … Continue reading Past performance – the wealth of a company

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