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Alliant 3 – Opportunity at a glance

Ideas for a win strategy and preparing your proposal

GSA released a Draft Request for Proposal (DRFP) and questions template for Alliant 3 on October 19, 2022. On October 21, GSA released an Alliant 3 Modification with a new DRFP and the Document Verification and Self Scoring Worksheet. Alliant 3 Questions GSA requests that offerors review the documents and provide questions and comments by 12:00 pm ET on January 6, 2023. Who should bid and why you should bid Any company that can generate a high-scoring proposal should bid on Alliant 3, which is one of the most lucrative Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts (GWAC) Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts available. Potential competition Chief competitors include top-tier Alliant 2 contractors and new entities (Contractor Team Arrangements (CTAs), Joint Ventures (JVs), or other entities approved in the DRFP) that can produce high-scoring proposals. Ideas for a win strategy and preparing your proposal Read the DRFP instructions and the Document Verification and … Continue reading Alliant 3 – Opportunity at a glance

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Five Tips to Improve Past Performance Ratings

Past performance ratings impact your ability to win option years, recompetes and new business

Contractors often struggle to define a discriminating value proposition. While a value proposition is certainly comprised of your service or product solution, it also incorporates your past performance. A proposal demonstrates to the Government a company’s prospective ability to perform the work. How does the Government gain confidence in your prospective ability to deliver your solution at high quality and low risk? By examining your past performance, both on relevant contracts, as well as trends across time. Past Performance Ratings Are Trending Towards Satisfactory Past performance is almost always an evaluation factor whether you are bidding a competitive best value trade-off opportunity, Low Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA), sole source, or other procurement methods including Other Transaction Authority (OTA) contracts. Yet, recent analysis shows that more and more Contracting Officers (COs) are grading their contractors as Satisfactory in the Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS). Overall, from 2010-2017, the percentage of Satisfactory ratings … Continue reading Five Tips to Improve Past Performance Ratings

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The Great Proposal: A True Story of Strengths

Solutioning to strengths when faced with a recompete

The great proposal did not start out great – nor did it focus on Strengths. In the beginning, 15 months prior to RFP release, there were the usual problems we faced when preparing for a recompete. Red flags included project start-up issues that resulted in mediocre CPARS ratings, difficult client relationships, competing stakeholder demands, customer turnover on the acquisition side, and no dedicated Capture Manager or Capture Plan. Since this recompete represented the company’s largest Federal contract, the CEO knew she had to take action. And that’s when the trajectory, which had been turning towards a possible proposal loss, started to reverse course. Capture Readiness Assessment The Capture Readiness Assessment included interviews and document review based on Lohfeld Consulting Group’s 12 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The resulting scorecard revealed an average score of 3.5 out of ten. This score is not unusual more than a year ahead of RFP release, … Continue reading The Great Proposal: A True Story of Strengths

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