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MULTI-PART SERIES: Meeting with Acquisition officials – Up close and personal, Part 1

A COVID conversation with Jacob Bertram, former Director of Contract Operations at GSA

Just because COVID-19 is forcing us indoors doesn’t mean that we can’t get together and learn from one another. Lohfeld Principal Consultant and capture expert Dr. Doug Himberger interviewed Jacob Bertram, former GSA Contracts Director. In this first installment, Doug and Jacob discuss building customer relationships as part of developing a strategy for winning business at an agency. [Doug] Thank you to Jacob Bertram for joining me. For our readers, Jacob is a former government contracts director and acquisition professional now with industry. When he was with the government, he supported DOE, DCMA, DCAA, and GSA. We have some questions that we’ve been dying to ask the government, and we’re really looking forward to hearing how Jacob reflects on them. [Jacob] Thank you, Doug. [Doug] Our first overall topic is developing customer relationships. My first question has to do with the way industry interacts with customers in general. Doesn’t the … Continue reading MULTI-PART SERIES: Meeting with Acquisition officials – Up close and personal, Part 1

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Business Performance During a Disease Outbreak

A relevant research study for working safely in the midst of an outbreak.

The novel coronavirus is causing a pandemic of COVID-19 infections. There is no debate on this fact. The pandemic is dramatic and terrifying – we have widespread illness and death not only across the United States, but across the globe. The numbers are staggering and increasing. We have changed our behaviors in the face of this crisis. We readily take on steps that only a few weeks or months earlier would have been seen as difficult or onerous; we wash our hands (endlessly, it seems), we resist touching others and objects others have touched, and we self-isolate to stay safe and healthy. We long to return to “normal.” We not only want to interact with others, but we want – and need – to return to work. The economy demands it, and we personally hope for it. But how do we do this and stay safe and healthy? How can … Continue reading Business Performance During a Disease Outbreak

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COVID-19: What Can Federal Contractors Do?

Take advantage of delays and downtime

This article was originally published March 17, 2020 on WashingtonTechnology.com The primary impact is that everyone involved in Federal procurement – acquisition professionals, Federal contractors, and others – is busy rearranging personal affairs. Making sure you, those you love, and everyone in your community is safe is what should be the primary concern. But once the dust settles, the short- and long-term impacts will become apparent. Predictions and Best Guesses While we can’t predict the full extent of the impact at this time, change is happening. Some best guesses: Procurement delays: Upcoming procurements are slipping to the right, whether that means RFP release or due dates. These delays are due to the Government focusing on emergency acquisitions as well as the loss of productivity as employees work and/or recover from illness at home. Travel: Non-essential travel is banned as are large gatherings. The Government cannot host in-person industry days, site … Continue reading COVID-19: What Can Federal Contractors Do?

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