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20 ways to reduce B&P costs and still win

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Many companies have experienced flat or declining sales in the prior year and, consequently, are dealing with reduced bid and proposal (B&P) budgets this year. This begs the question, can proposals be written in a less-costly way without reducing win rates? Obviously, we can reduce proposal costs, but many cost-reduction initiatives cause win rates to plummet. To find out why proposals cost too much, I asked our proposal consulting team to share their insights. Since this team works on the front lines of about 400 proposals per year, I was sure they could offer valuable insight into why costs are too high and what companies can do to reduce proposal costs without lowering win rates. Here are some of the reasons we found that proposal costs are higher than they should be. False starts Some companies fail to review the RFP before starting their proposal. In these instances, they kick … Continue reading 20 ways to reduce B&P costs and still win

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