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How strong is your business ecosystem?

A consistent win rate requires all components of the business to work in harmony

Achieving a consistently high proposal win rate requires a highly capable bid and proposal team, in addition to a strong business ecosystem consisting of contracts, finance, human resources, recruiting, technical and project management, communications, partners, and suppliers. If one or more of the components of the ecosystem is weak, your bid can fail. For example, your proposal might fail if your pricing department is unable to produce a cost competitive proposal, recruiters are unable to identify highly qualified key personnel, or project managers do not receive good customer references. A consistent win rate requires all components of the business to work in harmony. Consider using this check list to determine how well the business units within your company work together to support winning bids. Executives Are executives able to guide the pipeline so only bids with a significant win rates are pursued? Do executives invest time and money in market … Continue reading How strong is your business ecosystem?

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4 market trends and 20 federal contracts vendors should know about in 2017

Federal News Radio

IT modernization and category management are the next big federal opportunities. That’s according to Lisa Pafe, Vice President of Lohfeld Consulting Group. “The next administration will shape the future of IT,” she said during a Lohfeld business webinar on Nov. 2. “Another big trend for 2017 that we’re continuing to see is category management,” she said. Read more about the trends and 20 top opportunities we identified and analyzed in David Thornton’s article on Federal News Radio’s website.

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Pick the deals you can win: Bob Lohfeld

In Depth with Francis Rose

The government typically spends around a third of its budget in the last quarter of the fiscal year. Time is running out for companies to get a piece of that business. Bob Lohfeld  tells In Depth with Francis Rose he’s got a five-step plan to help you get your share. Click to listen

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