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Alliant 2: What does GSA want?

The General Services Administration released the final Alliant 2 Unrestricted and Small Business RFPs on June 24. Companies have until Aug. 29 to submit their six volumes, including the self-scoring template and all verification documentation. One of the biggest questions now is whether to team, but many contractors are finding the options presented in the final RFPs confusing. Experience and past performance must have been performed as a prime Whether you are a large or small business, all project experience and past performance claimed must have been performed as a prime. That requirement does not preclude teaming, but instead means that the project points can be claimed for prime contracts only. All bidders may also submit project experience, past performance, as well as systems, certifications, and clearances of corporate entities with whom they have a “meaningful relationship,” for example, a parent company, subsidiary, or affiliate. May large businesses team? Large … Continue reading Alliant 2: What does GSA want?

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