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Increase Your Confidence Rating Score

Confidence ratings are another form of an adjectival rating

If your proposal is evaluated in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) subparts 8.4, 15.3, 16.505, and Part 13, the Government can use a confidence rating to score all or part of a proposal. Confidence ratings are another form of an adjectival rating. However, only FAR Subpart 15.3 requires documentation of relative strengths, deficiencies, significant weaknesses, and risks. The Government uses a confidence rating for several reasons. First, it may mitigate controversies associated with a more detailed adjectival (red, yellow, green, blue) or numeric scores. Second, it enables the Government to score the proposal holistically rather for a certain part of the proposal like the technical, management, past performance, or transition plan. Third, it makes it easier for the Source Selection Authority to rationalize a decision for an award. The Government has the leeway to define adjectives applied to a confidence rating. The Government may use a high-level confidence rating … Continue reading Increase Your Confidence Rating Score

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Using confidence to lead

Three tactics to combat lack of confidence

I started working proposals for a small business directly out of graduate school with no knowledge of federal contracting and about 3 hours of on-the-job-training. Increasing the pressure, 4 months into the job I was managing proposals on my own after the only proposal manager left for extended maternity leave. Despite the odds, I became a successful, confident, and sought-after proposal manager. During those first 2 years, I often had good reason to not feel confident, but I couldn’t let that hinder my performance. I learned to rely on three tactics to combat those early difficulties: Exude confidence even when I didn’t feel like it Be confident, despite my ignorance Don’t give up power in a conversation I was unfamiliar with proposals but was expected to manage them, so my confidence was naturally taxed. Initially, I undervalued the skills I accrued teaching writing as a graduate student at Texas State … Continue reading Using confidence to lead

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