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38 must-have templates and boilerplate repository artifacts

Having managed both government and commercial proposals for 25 years as a one-person proposal shop for small to large companies, proposal center director, and proposal management consultant, I’ve developed a checklist of “standard” proposal repository templates and boilerplate I believe are vital to getting proposals out the door efficiently – and less “painfully” for organizations of all sizes. Templates Cover letter templates Commitment letter templates Standard forms templates Teaming agreement templates Non-disclosure agreement templates Lessons-learned debrief templates Compliance matrix templates Storyboard templates Features/benefits/theme statement worksheets Capture forms Graphics logs Kick-off meeting forms and templates Color team forms and templates Pre-submission checklists Proposal team contact list templates Proposal schedule templates Resume templates Past performance templates Proposal document templates Mailing label templates Delivery receipt templates Binder covers and spines templates Divider tab sets CD labels and inserts templates Boilerplate/data documents Awards, certifications, and accreditations Acronym lists Logos, graphics, and graphics style guide … Continue reading 38 must-have templates and boilerplate repository artifacts

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8 Required elements of a solid proposal production plan

Successful proposal production encompasses myriad elements. Develop a standard proposal production plan, including multiple checklists, and tailor your plan for each proposal according to the RFP requirements. Do this as soon after RFP release as feasible and then update with final details as you get closer to beginning production activities. Your proposal production plan should include, at minimum: Document production instructions Version control instructions Systems testing instructions Supplies planned and ordered for use for the proposal Software packages and versions planned for use for the proposal (may be specified by the RFP) Resources and supplies – in-house and outside vendors for printing and office/production supplies ordered for use for the proposal, e.g., binders, tab sets, paper, toner cartridges, and other printer supplies White Glove Review quality control instructions Delivery instructions By Beth Wingate  

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