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SeaPort-NxG: Major changes ahead require a revamped win strategy

SeaPort-e is a Multiple Award Contract (MAC) that contractors either love or hate. For most of the 3,196 award holders, the Navy’s flagship vehicle has generated little if any revenues. For the select few, such as Booz Allen Hamilton, SAIC, CSRA, BAE, and General Dynamics, the $51 billon engineering professional services vehicle has been a reliable revenue generator. Less than 20% of prime contractors have received any awards (this is true for both the large and small business tracks). Some contractors reoriented their focus to General Services Administration (GSA) One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services (OASIS) and/or other MACs, having had little success in cracking the code that makes Seaport-e opportunity development successful. However, the Navy determined that overlap between the two vehicles was not extensive enough to warrant elimination of Seaport. Interestingly, 23% of large businesses and 5% of small businesses that won SeaPort task orders (TOs) also hold … Continue reading SeaPort-NxG: Major changes ahead require a revamped win strategy

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APMP-NCA Annual Capture Breakfast 2017

Location: Fairview Park Marriott, Falls Church, VA Time: 7:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Join APMP-NCA for an informative and engaging morning to discuss how to WIN! The breakfast will be kicked off by an enthusiastic keynote speaker, Mrs. Stacey Piper. The remainder of time will be roundtable breakout discussions on topics surrounding win strategies, including customer relationships, no-bid decisions, and teaming strategies. You’ll hear from the industry’s best on their viewpoints and take away pointers and guidance that you can apply in the opportunities you pursue. Visit our Lohfeld Consulting Group exhibit, visit with our team, and pick up a copy of one of our capture-related books! Click to register for this APMP-NCA event Keynote: Stacey Piper–President, Stacey Piper Consulting; former VP Federal Marketing, ICF Presenters: Heather Gray, GDIT, Director, Capture Management Kirste Webb, Information International Associates, VP, Business Development Christy Hollywood, Cardno, VP, Business Development Cora Murphy, Evermay Consulting … Continue reading APMP-NCA Annual Capture Breakfast 2017

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Highlight your strengths

Features tell, benefits sell…but in the federal space, strengths result in the win

We all know the adage: features tell, but benefits sell. This tired, old adage of how to sell is true, but in the federal space, strengths result in the win. Government evaluators typically review your proposal using a scoresheet. In accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR,) they must evaluate the bid based solely on the evaluation factors and subfactors as well as their relative importance. To do so, they must document strengths, weaknesses, deficiencies, and risks. Government evaluators search your proposal for information they need to document findings properly. Evaluators treat your proposal like an encyclopedia to search for potential strengths, weaknesses, deficiencies, and risks. Typically, evaluators review and score specific proposal sections rather than the entire bid. They do NOT read the proposal like a novel from page one to the end. Often, they do not bother to read sections that are not scored, such as the transmittal letter … Continue reading Highlight your strengths

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How government contractors can grow in an increasingly competitive and stagnant market

The case for acquiring GWACs/IDIQs

For the past several years, government spending on contracts has been stagnant or decreased. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) Contracting Data Analysis Assessment of Government-wide Trends Report (March 2017) found “that while defense obligations to buy products and services decreased by almost 31 percent from fiscal year 2011 through 2015, from $399 billion to $274 billion, civilian obligations remained fairly steady” at an average $128.3B. The Administration’s 2018 budget is likely to change spending dynamics with a proposed $54B increase in defense spending and decreases in civilian agencies ranging from a high of 33% at the Department of State to a low of 1% for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The case for acquiring GWACs/IDIQs So, how can government contractors grow in an increasingly competitive and stagnant market? One answer might be by leveraging Government-Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs) or Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts to grow business. GWACs … Continue reading How government contractors can grow in an increasingly competitive and stagnant market

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