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Doing more with less – and winning more!

The typical company spends on average 10% of their revenue target on Bids and Proposals (B&P). Risks that increase the B&P budget include poor bid decisions, an immature solution, insufficient training and tools, large review teams producing comments that are not actionable, and lack of executive support. With constrained budgets and increased competition for smaller work share, contractors cannot afford to waste B&P dollars. APMP-NCA Platinum Sponsor Lohfeld Consulting Group’s Principal Consultants Brenda Crist, CPF APMP, and Lisa Pafe, CPP APMP, presented an interactive webinar on November 20 to 157 participants to highlight how to increase productivity and win rates. Live audience polling showed that 37% of webinar participants always establish and enforce B&P budgets, 32% sometimes do, and 31% never do. With these statistics in mind, it is especially important to understand how estimate the budget and how to manage it for maximum productivity, defined as greater number of … Continue reading Doing more with less – and winning more!

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